Friday 17 April 2020

Sounds Without Borders

Hi all, just dropping by with some new writings. I've been all nostalgic digging back into the history of posts as I put things back to some kind of working order (up to 300 posts now!). Weird how time passes you by, I saw the review I did of the Squarepusher album Shobaleader One: D'demonstrator. Pretty sure I've said this on the podcast before but in my mind I still remember that review, and it seems fairly recent. Well it's clocking in at 10 years old this year! And as always the more things change, the more they stay the same. Squarepusher is still around and is actually just off the heels of a new album + EP. Here's one that he mentioned a long time ago but is just seeing a proper release now, it's gorgeously melancholy which is something that I have been wanting from Squarepusher for a long time now.

SO that tune's been rattling around in my head for a few weeks now; and just yesterday he put out the delightfully eerie video for Detroit People Mover, I actually got to see it 'premiere' too. Remember all those years ago when I lamented Squarepusher not doing more ambient because I loved it (not that I don't love his usual output, but you all should know by now I'm an ambient fiend). Well he must have heard my call, and so I've been looping these two back to back for a couple of days now. Supremely lush, must remember to scoop the EP with these on sharpish. Enjoy!

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