Wednesday, 10 August 2011

A Very Warped History 11: 2003

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Like the last entry, this edition of Warped will also feature a bands slightly more mainstream take on their established sound, and again the album is slightly patchy in places with some gems within (though it's less patchy than Mind Elevation). Most of the bad press seems to levelled against that fact, but I'm going to show you once again that a more mainstream approach isn't such a bad thing. Tune in this week, because it's Broadcast time again!

I prefer Haha Sound's introduction to the one on The Noise Made By People, their previous effort, it has that dreamy washed out quality to it right off the bat, which is something Broadcast consistently nail

There was a reason I said this LP has a *slightly* more mainstream take to the sound. Straight after the floaty intro it jarringly dumps you into this world of menacing electronics and imposing drums juxtaposed with the steady musings of Trish Keenan. And it's brilliant.

The cycle continues with this next track, with Pendulum fading ever so gracefully into Before We Begin, which sounds like a long lost record from the 60's; and that is pretty much Broadcast in a nutshell.

This is where the first "patch" as it were, occurs. The tracks aren't necessarily bad, they just... aren't anything special. Your patience is rewarded though, as as immediately afterwards you are treated to what is perhaps one of the band's best efforts.

Probably my overall favourite from this album, unlike most of their work it contains very little in the way of electronic effects, meaning that this track in particular sounds very crisp and all the other elements play into each other beautifully, all strung together by Keenan's unique voice.

Much like the above, though packing a bit more in the electronics department is Winter Now bears a structure akin to a pop song, albeit with that slightly skewed trademark Broadcast sound to it. Which really shows itself in the last 30 seconds or so.

And finally, playing us out is the rather out of place Hawk I was a bit unsure of this track at first (as I've already said it comes completley out of nowhere) but then those simple but oh so effective pads hit and I was in love, and I have grown to love the frantic rhythm in time as well. A fitting end? eh, sort of. An excellent track? Most Definitely

It will be a while before we see Broadcast's third (and ultimately, last) album. But we have more stuff from Squarepusher & Boards Of Canada to keep us occupied.

Until Then,
-Claude Van Foxbat

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Son Of Strelka, Son Of God

We here at ilictronix are no strangers to cutting things into teeny tiny pieces and then using those pieces to create something bigger, just look at Pogo for example. But what I bring you today takes that concept and does something truly amazing with it.

I saw this a few weeks ago, over on the Something Awful Forums and have waited anxiously for it to be completed. Son Of Strelka is an audio story set to music. Nothing unusual about that right? Well, the bloke who made it, Dan Warren, dissected the audio version of Barack Obama's autobiography and has meticulously been re-arranging it for the past four years to make this tale of creation set to music. I was skeptical at first, expecting not much in the way of quality but I was wrong. The whole thing flows amazingly well to say it's formed from fragments of sentences from throughout the book. So, in essence what you are left with is a 30 minute short story narrated by Barack Obama himself. And with that: Enjoy the first four chapters of Son Of Strelka, Son Of God

If you want to read more about Son Of Strelka or just simply hear the rest of the story; find the original thread with download and torrent links provided by Dan Warren himself here: Here and animations of the first two chapters here and here.

Words & Music,
-Claude Van Foxbat