Sunday, 20 March 2016

Lazy Sunday

Meant to put something up yesterday but I went out instead. As such I ain't feeling too hot so expect a thoroughly chill cross section of tunes today, starting with some Thievery Corporation. And while searching my soundcloud feed for cures for my ails I come across some perfect instrumentals that do well to rest my weary head. That and they help fill the void left by Adult Swim bumps. Def. going to be keeping an eye on these in future.

And a lil jazzy number to play us out. Good soundtrack for starting to feel a little bit better. Normal service will resume in due time, but until then, enjoy the selections and I'll see you soon.

-Claude Van Foxbat

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Hangin' Around

Jack Tworkov - Thusday (1960)

Feelin' a little trip hop hip hop this time, picked out some things that have been tickling my fancy this mornin'. Starting with a lil' something from Scattle, a bit of a departure from the synthwavey-y stuff of his I've posted before but there's still hints of that slightly menacing vibe there. It's a short one but sweet as, can't get enough of that bass.

Throwback from one of the many music side projects under David Firth's belt. This one has been a long standing favourite of mine; I understand why vocals are sparse in his Toybox work compared to say the folk styling of the Grape Digging Sharon Fruits but his long time pal Christian (AKA Crust) did a solid job here.

And finally yet another tune drilled into my skull, which I mean in the nicest way possible. The times I've heard it must number almost a thousand by no, and every time I can't get enough of it's hazy vibe. Easily in my top 10 of go to tunes to scratch my instrumental itch.

-Claude Van Foxbat

Monday, 14 March 2016

Belated Monday Updates

Fell behind a little again, but I m prepared. This time it's a good old soundcloud roundup because I've been meaning to for about 2 weeks at this point. And look who's back, that's right it's everyone's favourite vowel hating Canadians MSTRKRFT! Boy I do love their electro stuff from back in the day, I wonder what they've been cooking up in the meantime...

Oh my, is that... Acid? It's a bold move all things considered, I'm sure everyone (probably me too tbh) would like to see the glory days of blog electro return but as controversial as this move is, I kinda like it. Sometimes you gotta have abrasion in there and it's done pretty well here. It's a bit like the darker half of Daft Punk's Homework, the Rollin' & Scratchin' compared to Da Funk

Unfortunately that's all for the abrasive stuff, moving onto the tune I've been meaning to put up for those two weeks! Not a real lot to say, hits all my instrumental hip hop buttons and that wh-wah is giving me major flashbacks to Nightmares On Wax's remix of Olive's You're Not Alone and that is a very good thing indeed.

Playing us out is a bit more of an upbeat period piece. Calls itself dub-lounge but methinks it's a bit too fast for either, but that's really not a concern. Enjoy the bassline and I'll see you again with more in couple of days!

-Claude Van Foxbat

Sunday, 6 March 2016

A Lil' Behind

Fell back a little bit but I done had a busy weekend so I think I can let myself off this time. And I had something lined up to post too, remember when I covered Blog buddy Joe's label with the then-current Choco Love? well there's been a tasty batch of remixes just come off the line, and hopefully they'll be enough to keep you satisfied until I can dedicate some time to a proper long form post.

-Claude Van Foxbat

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Lousy Smarch Weather

I woke up to snow today. I thought we were done with that but evidenly not. So naturally I went lookin' for some tunes to warm things up a bit. Here we go.

Kent Bellows - Kitchen Counter: March 1983 (Dirty Dishes) (1983)

And what better way to do that than fire up this one from Projections' debut LP. A lot slower than the Bossa Nova of say Thievery Corporation's Saudade but still carries that sound sensibility with it. The breakdowns are gorgeous, and there's plenty of them to be had over it's 6 minute run time.

Keeping things downtempo with another visit to my man Nightmares On Wax. This one was particularly ironic as I grabbed my brekky this morning, talking about spring in Egypt as I watched the snow out the window. The tune's not too shabby either I s'pose, deffo a highlight on Carboot Soul

Bibio has a new album out this April too, seems to be a theme for him and I can't blame the guy, his tunes definitely have a sweet spring / summery vibe to them. So I decided to go back in time about 5 years and give Mind Bokeh a listen again. My updated verdict? Still as sweet as ever.

-Claude Van Foxbat