Saturday 26 March 2011

Tron Legacy : R3C0NF1GUR3D

Hi everyone

I finally managed to listen to Tron Legacy R3C0NF1GUR3D, I'm not gonna lie, I was disapointed by the remixers list.

The whole album is not bad, but there is too much average tracks. Nothing really creative, people sticked to their style.

My personnal top 3 would be The Glitch mob, Teddybears and Pretty Lights remixes.

1.Daft Punk - Derezzed (The Glitch Mob remix)

2.Daft Punk - Fall (M83 Vs. Big Black Delta Remix)

3. The Crystal Method - The Grid

4.Daft Punk - Adagio for Tron (Teddybears Remix)

5. Ki:Theory - The Son of Flynn
6. Paul Oakenfold - C.L.U.
7. Moby - The Son of Flynn
8. Boys Noize - End of Line
9. Kaskade - Rinzler
10. Com Truise - Encom Part 2

11.Daft Punk - End Of Line (Photek Remix)

12. The Japanese Popstars - Arena
13. Avicii - Derezzed

14.Daft Punk - Solar Sailor (Pretty Lights Remix)

15. Sander Kleinenberg - TRON Legacy (End Titles)

Hope you liked my little selection.

3nj0y -Here


Bastille said...

I heard the Boys Noize remix dropped at a HARD event in Los Angeles and it killed. It's a little underwhelming in headphones, but on a giant system it was awesome. It was even the set opener. That said, the album was pretty disappointing.

Boba Fettuccini said...

I read rumors that Kavinsky and Rusko would be on it, Junkie XL posted a remix on youtube... overall, lots of artists that would have given this a much more unique feel got passed over in favor of what largely comes off as one of the $7.99 SUMMMR DANCE compilation type things... not bad, just bland.

LRNT said...

Yeah, Grum made a remix too, and a good one...

I don't know who picked the remixers, but half of them are just random guys (to my knowledge) or weird dutch house tiesto like guidos.

Anonymous said...

twiggy said...

sorry to say but i saw a very similar post on another blog with the same picture and name as a matter of fact... i love reading you guys but don't want you to be stealing other people's blog work, just not the same

LRNT said...

I did not steal anyone's article, as a matter of fact I don't even check other blogs except a french one that did not review that LP at all.

And about the image, it's album cover so...

Anonymous said...

Man i donno what you guys are talking about but this remix album is massive - almost every track has either a big name - Moby...crystal method...paul oakenfold - or an emerging artist that's getting super big right now like pretty lights or avicii. So many different styles too - def mindblowing

twiggy said...

sorry Here for my lack of knowledge, did not know that was the name of the album, my B...

LRNT said...

No problem, I just don't like to be called a thief :)

Hope you still enjoyed the post.

jessidean said...

Dude i completely agree with you on those songs. I was amazed at the M83 vs Big Black Delta remix.
Very cool.

Anonymous said...

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