Tuesday 11 October 2011

What's happening at ed banger ?

Hey there, after the little medley from Justice album, I found a few more things you might enjoy.

Justice really is into oldschool guitars and vocals, I'm not the one who'll complain as long as they do it as nicely as on Newlands. Anyway, the song seems a bit unfinished, that wouldn't be surprising obviously, it's enjoyable anyway even if it feels that it's lacking something.

If you enjoyed Helix, Canon might do the trick for you. So far all those Justice songs are not bad (even Audio Video Disco finally grew on me and I found myself liking it when I was like 'bleh' at first, go figure.) but they feel like they are missing something, that little thing that made every tracks from Cross epic.

Don't get me wrong, they are decent electro tracks, but I expect more from Justice, especially when you see how great Cross and Planisphere were. So far it seems like they are holding themselves, weirdly.

Let's move to something different, and I'm not talking different from Justice, I'm talking different from everything. You guessed it, Mr Oizo ! From his upcoming album Stade 2, here is France 7



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But we still don't know whats going on at Ed Banger Records?

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