Friday 10 February 2012

Dub Days Part 1

I have two quite similar remix albums in my possession, similar in that they're both dub reworkings of entire albums. After hanging on and hanging on for a while, I've finally decided it's time to show 'em off!

It was really hard to find a hi-res large pic of this one

It starts off predictably enough, there's plenty of organs and trumpets and what have you present in the intro track, a slow paced re-working of the original track, 19-2000. It nicely ushers in the dub/reggae infusion that forms the basis of the album and it's sound.

It wastes no time hitting a high note though, this re-dubbing of Slow Country is an early highlight due in part to the verses laid down by U Brown over that hazy, suitably reggae-fied version of the original's backing track. It could almost pass for an original track by itself.

The LP hits two in a row for me, with this amazing rendition of Tomorrow Comes Today. there's not a single part I don't like, from the sparse intro right down to the final fade, it's a favourite of mine that I could listen to pretty much all day.

By far the most extreme transformation on the album, the fast paced vocals and punch of Punk gets well, De-Punked. It's a lot more subdued sound wise than most of what we've heard before, relying a whole lot on the organs and beats with only the occasional parp of horns in between. Stay tuned for the Nightmares On Wax-esque 'bonus track' during the last 30 seconds or so.

A more upbeat turn now, this remix of Re-Hash is pretty much the opposite of De-Punked. It's probably the best demonstration track here if you're trying to show someone what the album's all about and what it sounds like. While it's pretty good by itself, it's nothing special until after the breakdown at 2:15, then it's home to some of the best parts of the entire LP.

Ah, Clint Eastwood, by far one of the most famous Gorillaz tracks there is. And here it gets completely broken down and re-arranged until it's hard to pinpoint elements of the original other than 2D's vocals and the iconic bit of Melodica. It's a damn good track, especially with that charmingly inspired title.

Which leads us to the 'final' track. The remix of M1 A1 is my absoulute favourite from the entire album, it just takes everything I loved about the previous tracks and mashes it together to end on a massive feel good bang. 'Nuff said.

I would post the bonus track as well, but I feel like I'm pushing it with how many tunes I've posted already so I'm callin' it quits. Be sure to check the album out if you dig it, I just had a look myself and it's nowhere near as rare as I thought it'd be, so go out and nab yourself a copy!

Way Down Kingston,
- Claude Van Foxbat

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