Wednesday 29 February 2012

Times Is Changin'

I'm heading towards my last few weeks in college, the workload's stepping up and it's hard to imagine that soon I might even be be heading off to an art college. Anyway, It's a pretty tense time, everything has to be done on time to the highest standard and all that jazz. So I've been looking to counter those bad vibes with - what else? a lil' audio therapy. I've been digging up some old gems from my old HDD I have sitting around for the past couple months and getting all nostalgic re-discovering some tracks I thought I had long since lost, sprinkle a couple new addition in there and you have a nice example of what sounds have been filling my airwaves in recent days, check this out. Kicking it off is a semi-rarity in my collection: a N.O.W Remix. The few I've heard are brilliant, and this one is no exception, Mr. Evelyn takes the iconic dancefloor classic and gives it his own personal twist, until the vox hit you could almost swear this was an original track, slick stuff as always.

Another obscure-ish N.O.W gem, this one's a cover of an old Cymande track that the wax man slotted in on his installment of the Late Night Tales series. It came out around the time Mind Elevation, and it's vibe is present on this tune, particularly with them drum workings and bongos. Even though it's based around one sample it's cut up and kept fresh enough to be interesting, what else would you expect from N.O.W?

Tricky's debut album was a textbook example of trip hop done well, the opening track Overcome is probably one of the best examples of the sound there is and is among my favourites from my genre. This remix included on the 2009 re-issue took me by surprise, taking the sublime original down a more subdued path that just works. I still prefer the original and it's hazy atmospherics but definitely check this one out.

And finally, a mashup I heard not too long ago. I scoffed at when I read the title, I couldn't imagine these two tracks sounding well together and I was expecting a cheap amateurish sounding 'mashup'. The track not only took my expectations and smashed them completely within the first 10 seconds, but continued to do so for eight whole minutes. You don't want to miss this one out, it's just amazingly put together.

I know it's only a small post, but small posts is better than no posts right? right! (even if I do forget to update sometimes, or get lazy) and with that in mind I'm jetting off once again, sadly not away on holiday. Witty One Liner, - Claude Van Foxbat

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