Tuesday 28 February 2012

Morbid Angel

Hey there

Mondkopf continues to explore and embrace the darkest places of metal and delivers a powerful remix of Morbid Angel - Radikult.

But that's not all, a good news never comes alone I guess, he also remixed a Scratch Massive track. Impressive remix, very dark, loud drums, screams... that's what Mondkopf does, and he does it with talent.

He also recently released a new EP called Ease Your Pain, my vinyl should be delivered this week, so expect a review.

You can also buy and listen to Ease Your Pain here

Let's make a big U-turn now, and listen to something more joyful, and what brings more joy into life than whipped cream ?

I was waiting a bit for the tracklist to be complete to post this little piece of awesomeness delivered by The Magician.

Magic Tape Twenty tracklist:

1. Perseus - Seychelles
2. Lancelot - Spoken Word
3. Softwar - This Time Around
4. LeSale - Make Me Feel So Good
5. Chris Malinchak - There I Was
6. The Supermen Lovers - Say No More (A.N.D.Y. remix)
7. Lauer - Trainman (Tensnake Franceman remix)
8. Classixx - Holding On
9. James Curd - Guide Me (Gigamesh remix)
10. Gucci Vump - Feeling


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