Wednesday 22 February 2012


Hi there Did you guys ever heard about Tobtok ? Well I did not until today, and that's a shame ! He released an EP called Reincarnation on Stardust Records today. If I had to actually compare his style to other artists' I'd say he's between Daft Punk (Discovery period) and Madeon, that's not too bad right? There is only one thing I don't really enjoy, it's the way the songs end, I feel like it misses something, but I guess ending a song is a pretty hard thing to do, I always felt the same way about Boys Noize, does not keep me from liking his songs. These are the two original tracks from his EP. The other tracks on the EP are remixes, from (let's be honest) guys I never heard of, except for this little guy... you might have already heard a few things from him on ilictronix. That's the song that made me curious about Tobtok, I wondered how sounded the song Magna remixed. As you can guess, it's very different from the original one, it's a Made in Magna banger! Enjoy! -Here

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