Saturday 2 March 2013

Marching On Together

Made the classic mistake on friday of forgetting my headphones. That train ride feels so much longer without them it wasn't even funny, just before the weekend to boot! To make up for it I've been giving the old speakers a working with a variety of tunes from my library why not? Let's have a gander.

I stumbled across Skream's Freeizm series that night. Much like the free EP type deals that producers have put out as of late There's some gold on the three volumes of the series, some not so great ones too but you can hardly complain when you're getting them for free right? Here's the lovely intro from Vol. 1.

Here's a chiller remix from Vol. 3 that has a tribal streak in it (hence the title), Skream's always had a nice balance between the newer styled stuff and the old school dubs in his release patterns, I don't know how true that is nowadays for him but still. The scene could use a few more tracks like this.

Pulled out Wisp's AFX reworks again, like Lichen I posted before, this tune isn't a lazy reworking at all and could easily stand on it's own terms. Wisp not only makes the genre hop successfully, but once again without distorting the image of the original track.

Also this week I had to convince a close pal of mine not to sell off his Roulé vinyl collection, among others. This is the tune I sent him in response. Roulé's back catalogue may only be small, but it's pretty much all top quality house; as demoed here by one half of everybody's favourite robot duo Thomas Bangalter and his long time pal DJ Falcon.

Lousy Smarch Weather,
-Claude Van Foxbat

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Faux Effet said...

Love the aphex twin rework!