Friday 1 October 2021

Bite-sized Bits 14

George Ault - From Brooklyn Heights (1925)

Coming back to Thievery Corporation again this time, I sometimes hold off on posting bits and pieces from them because I'm almost certain that I must have mentioned it before, only to find that I haven't. Another band that's pretty good at having a good portion of their discogs available directly from them on their Bandcamp too, so I haven't any excuses this time!

Thievery Corporation excel at this very specific kind of slick, well produced downtempo that I've branded with that coffee shop label in the past. I've never meant that as a knock on their style though - it's a pretty apt description all things considered, theirs is the kind of work that would appear on tons of 'chilled' or similarly themed compilations in the late 90's to mid 00's, which is actually how I found them in the first place. Amerimacka is one of many perfect examples of that to pull up, from the intro alone you get a real good idea of what the Corporation is all about - and more importantly the genres that underpin all their prodictions: per their bandcamp - Dub, Bossa Nova and Jazz records (Even going as far as to make an entirely Bossa Nova record in Saudade)

Teaming up with Notch here (thankfully not that Notch), the corporation wear their influences on their sleeves, running a dub delay over the vocals in spots and bookending the choruses with some lovely brass. It's not the deepest cut in their discography I'll admit, it does appear on their 'Best Of' compilation after all, but if you dig it as much as I do, you'll not put a foot wrong by diving headlong into everything Thievery Corporation has made. Come to think of it, how many downtempo acts even have a 'best of' compilation anyway?

And that'll do it for this entry and the second full week (not counting that first batch as I missed Monday!) of these shortform posts. I think they've proven to be pretty useful, comapred to the 2-3 track ones of old they feel much easier to thrown down. I am considering spacing them out a bit, maybe once every 2 days rather than everyday. But that's not because I'm finding it tricky or anything - rather I know how much of a pain it can be when there are too many updates you know, I'd like to give some of these time to sit before pushing them down the way. But enough about that - as always, stay safe and enjoy the music.


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