Monday 4 October 2021

Bite-sized Bits 15

Gérard Fromanger - Bastille Flux (2007)

Swapping over to that slightly delayed format as mentioned last week just to slow things down a little, felt like some of them were being pushed off the front page a little soon is all - the front page only has space for 4 posts after all. Anyway, as also mentioned last time, the next few bits are probably going to be all just bits and bobs I picked up on Bandcamp Friday - I got a pretty decent headstart this month so didn't have to scramble to make up the difference.

I got another EP from Kölsch this time, I picked up the collaborative effort between him and Tiga - the HAL EP a little while back after a chance reommendation on one of my playlists - a great little EP that instantly teleported me back about a decade to my Bloghouse days. I got an email from bandcamp that he hada nother new one out so I thought I might as well have a look. And I'm happy to report it's more of the same.

This time though it's a little closer in the music timeline - this one calls to the Progressive House gremlin that I was around when the likes of Random Album Title were coming out. Hold does a fantasic job of reminding me why I fell into that hole in the first place though and would have absolutley made it into one of my many amateur bedroom mixes of the day (and hell, it might still if I ever go back to that!). Perhaps a little long at 6 minutes but it's a very clean run, never overstaying it's welcome.

The B-side, Clear, follows the same path pretty much - the buttery smooth build up gives way to some fairly grandiose strings around the 2 minute mark, I've been very vocal about my dislike of strings in electronic music in the past, but as with all things there are exceptions. I will admit I did raise an eyebrow at this one the first time through but it has grown on me a little, which is probably rooted in a little nostalgia as Ed Banger and SomethingALaMode were fiddling with (no pun intended) this kind of sound around the early '10s. The EP is a short sharp sweet trip down memory lane for me, certainly worth the €2.50 asking price.

That'll do for entry one into the now spaced out Bits - tune in on Wednesday for the next one! Until then - as always, stay safe and enjoy the music.


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