Friday 8 October 2021

Bite-sized Bits 17

René Magritte - The Voice of Space [La Voix des Airs] (1928)

A bit of spacey Electro to play out this week, for I am nothing if not predictable. Gerard Hanson's work under his E.R.P. alias has fast become one of my favourites over the last year or so - his brand of high-tech electro is beautiful and massively appeals to that part of me that adores the early 90's stuff Warp was promoting in this same vein.

Enter the Hubble Telescope Series - three releases celebrating science, tech and all things space as well, from some fittingly techy sounding folk. E.R.P. heads up the second volume, which wastes no time in getting down to business with title track Ancient Light. It feels almost as if you've dropped into the middle of the track in a sense, as you are immediately wrapped up in some some absolutely gorgeous lush pads - backed, of course, with some fittingly electro drum programming. I have always used that 'spacey' descriptor for the E.R.P. work I've posted before, but here more than ever is it apt - Hanson has really taken the theme to heart, with lone pulses shining through every now and then like distant stars, the bassy melody balanced with some delicate and distant counterpoints really give it that slightly idealised sci-fi feel.

I've yet to have come across an E.R.P. release I've not liked, some of them shine brighter than others - the other tracks on this EP are much more 'electro' by comparison, which is't a bad thing at all but I'd be lying if I said my heart didn't belong to sounds like Ancient Light. That's partially the reason why the Alsoran EP might still be my favourite release of his (which you can get digitally, twinned with the Vox Automaton EP - re-issued as FR014X here). If you have an affinity for that kind of sound as I do, I can highly recommend you check out Hanson's work, both as E.R.P. and his other main alias Convextion. Some of it is harder to come by than others, but I've managed to find a fair few bits scattered over various label's Bandcamps which kind of adds to the mystique a bit - it's always a joy when I come across another release I didn't know about.

And that'll be all for today, and the week with the new spaced out format. I am trying to write a little more to make up for the gaps but overall I'm pretty happy with it, I think this is a good balance for regularity. I may return to regular 3/4 tracks to one post every now and then to break things up if I find the time though - time will tell. I hope you've enjoyed this quick look at some of the recent additions to my library, I'll be back again on Monday with more but until then - as always, stay safe and enjoy the music.


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