Monday 11 October 2021

Bite-sized Bits 18

Jindrich Styrsky - Aquarium (1923)

The electro train continues into this week with a little something from my inbox. I've said before one of the main things I've enjoyed about my uptick in use of Bandcamp is getting release notifications from labels and such, it's handy to have and certainly does wonders in expanding the reach of what's on my radar.

Enter the enigmatic MSRG - I normally try and do a bit of a blurb about the artist in question here but there isn't much to go on, all I got is that it's an alias of Guga Gusein and there's only a handful of releases under this name. That's changing though as 2021 has seen more releases from them than ever before. I checked out Afterwork Programming after one of those emails, it promised to be very evocative with a title like that so I went right in with the equally interestingly named Dancing Data. A great little introduction and a fine addition the the melodic Electro streak I find myself in at the minute, I promptly earmarked the full EP for future pickup. Not super spacey like the E.R.P. stuff I put up last time, this ones a little bit more on the jazzier, funkier side - reminds me a little of the Drexciya spin off project Elecktroids in that respect - in fact MSRG even has a couple of Aquatic-themed releases to further cement that Drexciya connection.

I love that tracks like this are still being made in 2021, it's a sound that I've got a lot of time for so I'm always happy to have more of it, every release helps keep that Electro history alive to boot. That'll do for today, catch you all on Wednesday for the next instalment, I'm going to maybe try and get a longer one out to break up the format a little bit but that'll probably be towards the tail end of the week. Anyway, until then, as always - stay safe and enjoy the music.


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