Wednesday 6 October 2021

Bite-sized Bits 16

Shozo Shimamoto - Hole Esquisse (1962)

Bit of a revisit this time (or so I thought, but when I looked it up it's been well over a whole year since I mentioned this last) - to Zamilska's Undone. Zamilska calls it an EP but Discogs says it's an album but in reality it's a bit between the two, a little like Aphex Twin's Come To Daddy 'Mini-album'. It's for the best that it's only this length though, as I've mentioned with Zamilska in the past, she is a master at building these brutally crushing sounds. Undone is an almost exhausting listen and I mean that in the best way possible, to paraphrase a review quote from one of her Bandcamp pages "It's like a shot to the brain and a punch to the gut".

I've posted what I think are the heaviest tracks from Undone before, but really you can drop the needle anywhere on it and be immediately immersed in gritty techno. It doesn't take long for Call to go down this route, machine-gun handclaps and rolling tides of bass making a hell of an impression in the first half. However the real highlight comes around 1:50, where these waves of bass become the central focus and play it out. If you like what you hear on this one you can pretty much go ahead and pick up the full release and you will not be disappointed.

Undone is a fairly short experience with just one track coming close to the 5 minute mark, but I have to echo that paraphrased comment above again, Zamilska's productions are perfect as they are: these shots of aggression that make for incredibly cathartic listening. It's a record I've had to take out of rotation a couple of times just because I ran the risk of overplaying it, but when I do come across it again in my library it's always welcome. Perhaps that's a sign I'm due to pick up another release sometime soon.

And that'll be all for today, with the new spaced out schedule the next Bit will be on Friday, I've not pinned down what I'll be talking about then, so tune in for either some literal spacey electro or a return to classic early 2000's IDM! Until then, as always, stay safe and enjoy the music.


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