Monday, 31 October 2011

SCAR ! (Embeds broken as of 2020)

I kept this treat for the end of October.

Released today, I present you Magna's brand new EP, Scar !

It starts with an intro that will remind you of Mr Oizo's weirdest creations, distorted notes, mashed up samples, high piano notes and most important of all, an ending that will make you know what's going to happen to your ears for the next 12 minutes.

Paranoia has been in my ears for about half a year now, I heard a LOT of versions, and this one is by far the most impressive one. Dark and crazy electro, with a touch of dubstep.

Do It Right will definitely catch your attention, that's exactly the kind of song you want, to hear when someone's Djing, powerful progression and amazing drops.

Thrust is by far the discoest (and my favorite) track on the EP, a bit more like his first tracks, I'm having trouble thinking about anything to say as I'm banging my head too hard, seriously, STRONG song.

Magna really worked hard on this EP, he achieved to go past his usual progression style to give songs that sound even more achieved than they usually do. The result is brilliant. He is more than ever a guy to follow.


Thursday, 27 October 2011

Fall Preview

Hey there. Autumn is coming thick and fast and today, I've got some remixes I've been liking quite a lot lately.

I must admit I don't know much about Monarchy, only that when mixed with Holy Ghost! and a man named Dixon, it gives out one of the grooviest tracks I've heard in a long while. Makes me wanna pull a John Travolta on "Saturday Night Fever" all over my room.

Again, I don't know much about the artists in this next track, and whilst the intro has a fairly generic and overused sound, it morphs into a nice acoustic guitar and vocals, and it just builds up from there, making a nice club track.

Now for something slighlty older, courtesy of Goldfrapp, Metronomy and The Teenagers. It's a pretty simple track, a drum beat, a couple of synths and vocals, but it works brilliantly. By the way, anyone know what are The Teenagers up to nowadays? They seem to have vanished after their album release (much like Heads We Dance).

Going a bit darker now. Crystal Castles' most recent album was damn better than their first one, and one of the standout tracks was "Suffocation". Memory Tapes decided to go back to the mid-80's and give the track a bit of a poppy groove, but maintaining the original's dark essence.

And finally, another oldie. I honestly can't believe how I haven't posted this one yet. It's Russ Chimes at his very best. Lots of synths and lots of power on a track which has a 4-minute buildup to a brilliant synthline that doesn't let anyone down.


Tot de volgende keer,

A Very Warped History 12: 2004

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On a similarly Drum & Bass / Jazz note, here's another Warped entry. This time it's Ultravisitor, the last in the line of Squarepusher's frantic experimental stage that started with Go Plastic. Remember earlier this year where I said in my review of Bibio's Mind Bokeh that it was a bit all over the place in terms of sound? you ain't heard nothin' yet my friend, 'cos Ultravisitor is by far the least cohesive album I have ever heard. But it works, well yeah some of the tracks are pretty much full on abrasive noise, but it's all part of Squarepusher's grand send-off to the experimental style.

This album also has a bit of a gimmick where some of it was actually recorded live, and some of it just has crowd noises spliced in to make it seem live. I don't quite get the idea, but it sounds good so I'll let it slide. Anyway, onto the tracks: It starts innocently enough, with the titular track proving actually quite tame by Squarepusher standards. A far cry from what we'll hear later I assure you.

And to throw you completely off, Mr. Jenkinson throws a jazzy bass solo at you, just for kicks. It's a welcome return to the style that he explored on 1998's Music Is Rotted One Note and would again in 2009 with Solo Electric Bass 1

Again another Jazzy-esque bit that wouldn't be out of place on Music Is Rotted One Note, this one actually reminds me of the track My Sound from that record, and that is one of my all time favourites. This one goes down a treat.

One final guitar solo, not like anything he's done before, both on this album and previous this time. It's very nice in a not-Squarepusher way. It's the calm before the oncoming storm that should be coming riiiiight after this.

br />

Now. The time for Jazz is over. Those nice Guitar pieces you liked so much? They're gone. We're back in frantic Drum & Bass territory à la Go Plastic now. That doesn't stop it being brilliant though. My favourite bit is at 4:11, where the man himself starts spouting some distorted verses that work really well with the backing.

The Go Plastic-esque trend continues, a quiet intro filled with bleeps and boops leading to a cavalcade of sounds flying at you from all directions with spatterings of Bass Guitar later on. It's pretty much textbook Squarepusher for this era.

A return to the jazzy side of things, with a improv drum session leading nicely into familiar territory as heard on earlier tracks. A brief respite from the sound assault that came before it.

It's a similar story for this one, though just when you thought we were back in Jazz land in comes some actual Drum & Bass backing, this is pretty much the style the 'Pusher adopts for the next few albums after this, flowing electronics with a speedy Drum & Bass backing with splashes of Bass solos lathered over the top. It's probably my favourite of all his styles adopted throughout the years.

br />

As we come to the last few tracks of the album, we leave the experimental Drum & Bass behind for good. In it's place is the sequel to Tommib, an ambient number from Go Plastic. Like his mate Aphex Twin, 'Pusher is just as good at chilled out stuff as he is his usual repertoire. A well deserved break from all those breakbeats.

And wrapping the album up, one final guitar piece. No drums, no electronics, no speedy sampled breaks. Just Jenkison and his Guitar together for the last send-off. It's a fitting end, not just for the album but for his experimental work as a whole: it had it's patchy moments, but when it shined, it REALLY shined.

It's funny, this album isn't usually in my standard rotation because I always remember the ultra noise parts split with a few downtempo pieces, but looking through the tracks for ones to post I found it's pretty evenly balanced between the two. His experimental stuff isn't my favourite, that award goes to both the set of albums after this and his early works. Though saying that, it's aged a lot better than Go Plastic in terms of the more experimental stuff as in I find the stuff on here a lot easier to listen to. Next time we have a TON of Boards Of Canada stuff coming up, see you then.

Rearranged Into Plastic Membranes,
-Claude Van Foxbat

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Alecks Awklr's new EP

Hi guys. Remember Alecks Awklr ? If not, check out this interview and the album review of his first LP. He recently sent me the songs from he's next EP, I thought I'd share some of them with you. My favorite one would be Granted, love the atmosphere, the mix between violins and loud drums adds something moving to the vocals.

Leaving seems to be sampling Björk's voice, or at least it remember me of hers... very relaxing track.

Suburau could really sum up Aleck's style, very simple yet well worked pieces of music that progress together, creating something of its own in the end.

True is a little bomb, makes me think of Hudson Mohawke's style in a way, that's never a bad feeling.

The full EP will come out during November on his bandcamp page don't forget to check it out. -Here

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Dramatic Return

So, I'm finally back. As you probably already know, I've been quite unwell for the past few months. I'm a little better now, but still not 100%. To make myself feel even more better I picked up some music stuffs, which is good news for you as well!

Kicking us off is Ladytron, who brought a house inspired brand of psuedo-electroclash to the synthpop revival scene of the early 2000's that I quite like with 604. It still sounds quite fresh for an 10 year old album, check this out.

It's not all house all the time though, 604 really shines when it's fully embracing the simple bleeps to create that undoubtebly Kraftwerk inspired sound. It's perhaps easier to hear the influence on other cuts, I just picked this one 'cos it's a favourite.

I finally got around to picking up The Knife's soundtrack to swedish indie flick Hannah Med H too, which I've posted a bit of already. It's short (just over a half hour) but all the tracks are brilliantly produced.

Now, this one is a bit of a wildcard. What happens when The Knife takes a stab at techno? well, this. A menacing sounding, frantic and cut up to hell track that lasts all of two minutes. It sort of reminds of of Aphex Twin's Digeridoo only more... European sounding, if that makes sense.

I really like the structure of this one, it's one of the longer tracks on the album, nothing is wasted and no element overstays it's welcome: everything feels very precise and calculated, from the opening beats to the breakdowns.

Sending us off is my favourite internet animator turned musician, Locust Toybox. His new album Noon dropped earlier this year and as far as I'm concerned it's his best yet, it's very refined and mostly sample based and doesn't have that sort of unfinished feel some of his earlier stuff did.

The first track I heard from Noon, the intro is good by itself, but the track really shines when that brilliantly executed sample at 1:26 drops. That was when I knew it'd a be a favourite of mine.

Finishing up with the first track, which sounds just a bit like something Mr. Scruff would make, but with hazy reverb infused vocals over the top. Could've probably been a summer track, but it's a bit late for that now isn't it?

And that be that, I apologise for not being around as much as I'd have liked to, but between going back to school and havin' brain problems, I kinda had a lot on my plate. BUT on a lighter note I have some other stuff planned so expect a semi-regular return to form for me!

Feelin' Fine,
-Claude Van Foxbat

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Surkin - USA album teaser

It's now Surkin's turn to give us a little preview of his upcoming album : USA. Surkin - USA (Album Teaser) by Marble Music Sounds very promising... This fall is off to a good start ! -Here

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

What's happening at ed banger ?

Hey there, after the little medley from Justice album, I found a few more things you might enjoy.

Justice really is into oldschool guitars and vocals, I'm not the one who'll complain as long as they do it as nicely as on Newlands. Anyway, the song seems a bit unfinished, that wouldn't be surprising obviously, it's enjoyable anyway even if it feels that it's lacking something.

If you enjoyed Helix, Canon might do the trick for you. So far all those Justice songs are not bad (even Audio Video Disco finally grew on me and I found myself liking it when I was like 'bleh' at first, go figure.) but they feel like they are missing something, that little thing that made every tracks from Cross epic.

Don't get me wrong, they are decent electro tracks, but I expect more from Justice, especially when you see how great Cross and Planisphere were. So far it seems like they are holding themselves, weirdly.

Let's move to something different, and I'm not talking different from Justice, I'm talking different from everything. You guessed it, Mr Oizo ! From his upcoming album Stade 2, here is France 7


Saturday, 1 October 2011

September Review : Glass Swords

September Review : Birdy Nam Nam - Defiant Order

September Review : Modeselektor - Monkeytown

I would have hard times trying to explain how Rustie sounds. Electro, hip hop, aqua crunk, garage, jungle, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT RIGHT NOW, just shouting words that sound cool and might be appropriate..

Rustie is an artist I discovered, with Hudson Mohawke, two years ago during a Warp/Ed Banger party in Paris. Those two guys blew my mind.

So, what to expect from this album ? 13 tracks, 13 ways to bang your head, 13 synths, claps, drums and weird vocals to discovere how versatile Rustie is.

First song of the album is Glass Swords, it's more of an intro, but a damn good intro, a "how to use electric guitar in an electro song".

The next one is Flash Back, a lot of little sounds reminding the synths used by Hudson Mohawke, might be a little tribute, I don't know.

Surph, oh, just another regular Rustie track, wait no, it's amazing.

A song that really got me thinking is Hover Traps. You can hear those powerful Trance synths you hear all the time. Well, he took them to another level, simple as that.

City Star is another example of the things he's able to create. Hip Hop Electro at its finest.

Ultra Thizz, banger of the album.

All Nite sounds like he sampled the chorus of a 1996 summer hit, throwed it into acid, that would be the result.

It might not fit everyone's taste, because Rustie is pretty weird to listen to. Anyway, that album is ridiculously great, no wonder that guy is signed on Warp, they don't release half finished albums filled up with average tracks. Rustie took his time, and I'm glad he did because he came back with something that is even a bit above what he usually releases.

So that was the third album review of September. Of course other albums came out during this month, but I don't really have enough time to buy/listen/write about everything and I don't enjoy making review of things I do not enjoy. So yes, all three albums are amazing to me, because they are from artists I really digg, I might not really be objective about everything, but I tried !