Saturday, 1 October 2011

September Review : Monkeytown

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Bang, another album review.

We stay in europe, but move a bit to the east : Germany.

Monkeytown has finally been released, and boy, the waiting was long.

I don't think that introducing Gernot and Szary is needed, right ? Founders of Monkeytown Records, they formed the band Moderat with Apparat, produced tracks for Puppetmastaz or TTC, they also are one of the favorite band of Thom Yorke himself.

One more time, they achieved to mix dark and creepy audio with mesmerizing drums, sometimes it feels like ambient, a few seconds later you realise you're listening to a 140bpm track.

That album contains a lot of featuring, Thom Yorke (Everything sounds better with Thom Yorke.) for two powerful ambient tracks.

Modeselektor - Shipwreck [click to download] |HTML5|

Modeselektor - This [click to download] |HTML5|

You prefer the Hip Hop side of Modeselektor ? Busrider and Miss Platnum are here, don't worry.

Modeselektor - Pretentious Friends [click to download] |HTML5|

WARNING : Berlin might be the tune of the year.

Modeselektor - Berlin [click to download] |HTML5|

But of course, Modeselektor wouldn't be Modeselektor without instrumental tracks that feel so complete that adding lyrics would ruin them.

Here are three instrumental tracks.

Modeselektor - German Clap [click to download] |HTML5|

Modeselektor - War Cry [click to download] |HTML5|

Modeselektor - Grillwalker [click to download] |HTML5|

In definitive, this album is a gem, a little masterpiece you expect from Modeselektor. Every track has its own universe, its own place.

There is no word I know to explain how great album is to me, 11/10.

Go get it, listen to it, love it.



Anonymous said...

Les liens pour Modeselektor ne fonctionnent pas, je ne sais pas si c'est juste moi ou les links qui déconnent.

Here said...

Trying to see what's wrong with the links.

Here said...

Alright fixed it, I messed up in the file names, sorry.

wall art said...

Thanks for the post, was really interesting and it's great Monkey Town is back.

Zuzz said...

The song "War Cry" is a strange one.

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