Saturday 9 July 2011

Essential Tracks Collection Part I: Dub Mixes

Hey everybody,it's Nite with another musically packed post to keep you grooving all night long. Today, I am going on to show you some of the finest dub tracks I have found upon the interwebz,whether through purchasing or otherwise. Now before I go into detail, I just want to make one one thing clear: Dub Tracks are NOT Dubstep tracks, so don't expect heavy wubbing or ear splitting basslines, okay? Good.

*Ahem*,When I say Dub Tracks, I refer to Dub Mixes/Songs. What's a Dub Mix,you may ask? Well simply put, it's usually a mix of a track where the main lead of the song (Read: vocals) is taken out of ,or altered in such a manner that it changes the sound of,the original track. For example, take Daft Punk's Around The World, and remove the main vocals,or just put it in for some spots in the track for a few seconds at a time.You pretty much have a dub track right there. Dub initially was a genre that originally came from a style of Reggae in the late 60s, but soon became a popular method used in the 70s to the 90s mainstream music. Basically it took the song, and put major pronunciation upon the Drum and Bass parts of the track, which would usually involve removing or chopping the vocals to achieve this effect.

Essentially, Dubbing strips the track down,leaving it with its primal beats and grooves.

While not really mainstream anymore these days, Dubbing has become EXCEEDINGLY popular with House and Electronic tracks these days, especially with House music. (A/N: Seriously guys, It's hard not to find a Vocal House Single that doesn't contain a dub counterpart to it.) I think you get the picture now no?

Alright, I'll get started with the tracks. Remember: Not all Dubs are vocals free. Sometimes it's just a chopped up loop, or just a quick lyric run through and the rest is just instrumental.It could have lyrics through it, but it could be just pieces of it,who knows? Dubs differ, so don't expect each to have the same process throughout the track.

And just to let everyone know, this next dub you see here is exceptionally rare and VERY HARD to find. It's taken me well over two years to obtain and I was only able to get my hands on this with the help of a friend and one unlikely spot (read: torrent site.) If you ever see a person named Baloo pop up on the chats, thank him gratuitously for this, enjoy it!

Interaction (feat. Michelle Weeks) - Show Em How We Do It (Phil Kelsey's Chain Break Dub)

Bringing the Beats,


vintagejoe565 said...

If you really want that HBFS promo in 320, I could rip it off the vinyl for you. I didn't really like Pete's remix of the song in the first place so I never really thought about the dub mix.

Champiness said...

An excellent post! I've always been fond of dub mixes myself - the way they kind of strip everything down to the basic groove. Though I would have liked to have some of the originals for comparison!

red canvas said...

Great collection there but I think I'm still more fond of dubstep remixes.