Thursday 7 July 2011


Not that kind, actually. Scotch is a band from the heyday of Italo Disco, notorious for have a few really bizarre songs. I really dig their stuff for the most part, because they really knew the way to do awesome 80s synths. It would be prime sampling material, but I myself just feel wrong trying to use their work myself, so the closest I've come is a cover of their track Penguins Invasion with my buddy. We're still working on that.

With this one, the vocal version is a little more rare because the instrumental version was more popular. When I first found it, it wasn't even on youtube, but now it's a little more common. It's silly and fun.

I don't even get this one, but it's interesting.

Also, as a bonus, the freaky, stupid music video for Disco Band. I'm not sure what inspired this. But it's funny.

Anyway, have a good day.

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These guys are great, big tracks and they just smash it.