Wednesday 6 July 2011

Promos of the Week #2

This week, I've got 4 new promos for you, all in different styles.

First of all, some funky house courtesy of Just Kiddin', a british duo, who released their first EP a month ago.

This one is "All The Way to Love", my personal favourite, with a smooth bassline and good vocal samples, making this a nice summery track.

You can get the whole EP here.

Next up comes Dubmood, a French artist who has released his first EP this past March.

It is a slightly dirty electro/chiptune sound, but it doesn't go over the top, which is something that happens very often when making this sort of stuff. I have to admit i don't understand the vocals, but it's a minor problem.

I couldn't decide what track to put here, so have the whole EP.

Now we've got some spacey disco from Finnish artist Lumeet, who's showing us the debut single, "metacharm".

It's very 80's, quite dreamy and a brilliant work allround. If it had some vocals, it could've been a big hit back in the days of bright polyester jackets and mullets.

You can buy it here, and pay whatever price you want or just download it for free.

Lumeet - Metacharm

Finally, something a little darker from Danish group Battlekat and British artist Hyetal.

This remix of "He Didn't Want a Lovesong" is very beautiful and relaxing and the double beat gives it a bit more intensity. Very nice stuff here.



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Anonymous said...

Dubmood is a single artist ;)