Monday 25 July 2011

Promos of the Week #4

Apologies for the delay, but it's been a busy few days.

The first feature goes to British artist mjz, who shares his latest track "AIP".

It's a track with a nice vibe throughout, and just when it starts to go a bit dull, it goes quite dark in the end, but remaining very good until the end. He says he's unemployed, so employ him, labels.

mjz · AIP

Up next we have Dutch trio Routines, and their latest track "Young Hearts".

This semi-pop track has a nice 80's influence and a very dark vibe, thanks to it's brilliant bassline, along with well placed vocals. Good stuff.

Now we have Ukrainian artist Castel. I can't get into the Facebook page (edit: Fixed.), so that's about all i know.

"Catmurch" has a somewhat soundtrack sounding intro, which morphs into a slightly hard synthline, that at first listen sounded like it was gonna ruin the whole, but just added character to it.

Castel - Catmurch

And now for something a bit different, coming from 10-man group Engine Earz Experiment, which are in the same wave as Magnetic Man. And hurrah for us all, they actually make dubstep that won't split your eardrums in half.

Case in point is this remix they did for Nitin Sawhney. The intro is great (i'm a sucker for simple piano riffs though) and it builds into this somewhat typical dubstep wobble, but the whole track has flow, which keeps it from being boring, but isn't over the top like plenty of dubstep you hear nowadays.

Next Promos of the Week will be out Saturday because of this delay, and then the usual Wednesday spot will resume.


Hold deg sterk Norge,

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