Wednesday 13 July 2011

Promos of the Week #3

This week I've got 3 brilliant promos to show you.

First of all, we've got Irish group Le Galaxie, with their single "Midnight Midnight".

It's a dirty, synthy track, but maintains a constant pop-groove throughout, which is notable and makes this track very enjoyable.

They released an album this past May, which you can hear and buy here.

Now we've got Turkish group Kitschcraft, who have released a new EP recently.

This is my favourite track of the lot. It's in a similar style as the previous but bit still quite danceable and nice to.

Not sure where you can buy the EP, but you can listen to it here, it's good stuff.

To finish, something a bit different, by LA duo Bastille, who also have a new EP out.

The track is called "Bumpin" and it's a happy-dappy Disco House track with all the essential elements: a funky sample, a bassline and most importantly, a cowbell.

Incredibly groovy and joyful, this should keep you on your feet for a while.

You can get the whole EP for free here.




Anonymous said...

Chive on?

canvas art said...

Great tracks to kick start the weekend.