Saturday 9 July 2011


So, I fixed my laptop and can now finally post reliably again. which means for the past couple weeks I've had not much to do than embrace my inner nerd by planning out my photography work and playing lotsa them videogames. If you're like me, most of the time you're making fictional soundtracks to films in your head which is a fun habit right?. Well, give me an option to make my own custom soundtrack for a game and... you can see where this is going.

First up is WipeOut HD along with old school shooter Rez and Audiosurf are like the best music visualizers EVER. And they're all pretty much built for techy sounding tracks. Which gives me an excuse to bust out what little trance I have.

Now not a lot happens in this track to start off with, but it all turns to awesome at about 4:50. It's well worth the wait. FUN FACT: The blokes from Slyder would later go on to form Shiny Toy Guns, who covered this song.

And finally, something from Clark. One of the standouts from Body Riddle and like the album it's perfectly balanced but a bit short.

Change in atmosphere now as we move on to MotorStorm, which calls for fast paced in your face loudness. Which I can do. Tracks after this pic of this ilictronix-mobile I made.

Drum & Bass and Electro are a certainty on pretty much anything I can custom soundtrack, moreso with this. It all kicked off when this noisy abrasive beats barrage popped up on shuffle, I give you by far the punniest artist in my collection, µ-Ziq:

One of my favourite electro tunes from way back. Teenage Bad Girl, like SebastiAn and Analog Worms Attack era Mr. Oizo, bring that nice rough 'round the edges sound that works so, so well.

And Lastly, Originally from it's own EP along with You Are My Sun, Bells is your usual Vitalic affair. Only with a lot of extra added guitars and whatnot, the breakdown at 1:45 on this one is some pretty heavy stuff.

And that's all from me, my school year ends soon though, so expect a lot more productivity from me over those 6 weeks :)

Nerdin' Out,
-Claude Van Foxbat


Spungfungler said...

Fun fact: Neo (The One) was on "Rise FM" in Grand Theft Auto III, released in november 2001 (almost 10 years ago now!).

Anonymous said...

cracking post grommit, nice motorstorm pics. we doing anything gaming, photography and musci wise while your off.