Tuesday 19 November 2013

Ilictronix: wingman edition

Winter is here, and I hope you all found your snow bunnies to snuggle up with. Play these around your special someone and I guarantee things will get hotter than a Mexican summer. Like any good wingman I want to get all of you some action, so here are some songs to add to your sexytime playlists.

The first track is from Canadian Cyril Hahn. Not to be out grooved by fellow Canadian The Weeknd, Hahn has been putting out some stellar remix's and building buzz. His mixes for the bbc are responsible for creating a European baby boom. He dropped the Perfect Form EP this year and it's a great mood setter. The title track is an sexy piece of future r&b that sounds like something Jamie xx could conceive a child to. It also has Shy Girls singing the vocals.

Speaking of shy girls, he also dropped an EP this year titled Timeshare. It's a pretty decent album but the first track off it is "must listen". It's a slower groove that still bumps hard enough to break the ice with the coldest of partners. 

Be safe and use protection everyone!

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