Saturday 9 November 2013

Night in the Electronic Forest

Hi, Today I want you all to meet a wonderful talented russian artist Mirabella Kiryanova, also known as Ishome. She's a fresh bright star in electronic music sky, and is often related to Mount Kimbie, Flying Lotus and many other music grands. Being very young she has already achieved a lot - been added to "10 Top Young Producers" list on one of the biggest web-zines in Russia "Look At Me", released her own EP, played in many festivals and became famous of her brilliant magic live shows.

 I discovered her music a couple of months ago. I'm still being amazed every time I hit play button.
I'd say, Ishome is a sign of rapidly growing russian electronic music scene. She forced me to explore russian underground music more, and then I realised how many great producers this country actually has. You ever heard of Pixelord, Ol  or Lapti ? Go and listen to them. Each has some quality tunes to offer.

Now I want you to hear last Ishome's album "Confession" released on Fuselab (This label has many more amazing producers, hit the link and check them out).
Album is absolutely brilliant. Sound is full of dreamy ambient melodies, broken beats, collages made up of manipulated vocals and atmospheric lullabies, buried under melancholic bass and iridescent synths.

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