Friday 22 November 2013

The Kittin Connection

Unichi Hiratsuka - Girl (1930)

Looking over my previous posts I realised I'd neglected one of my favourite tracks of all time! The Salt City Orchestra remix of Marshall Jefferson's Mushrooms is brilliant start to end and is arguably better than the original. Turns out I only posted the cut down version from Miss Kittin's Radio Caroline compilation. Well in that case here's the full length for you to enjoy!

And while I was there I realised I haven't dished up much of Kittin's solo work. She's only got three albums to her name but they're all consistently quality; like she said herself on the CD of her debut "I was sick of there being more 'Featuring Miss Kittin' records than Miss Kittin records".

That's not to discount her efforts with The Hacker mind, their first album remains a cult classic, featuring electroclash anthem Frank Sinatra. While the follow up Two might not have had the same impact or the rough feel of the first, it's still got killer examples of what happens when Kittin and Hacker collide. Look 'em up sometime.

And finally, the track that put Kittin on my radar in the first place when it hit the UK Dance charts sometime in 2002. After all these years I still love it, her lyrical delivery and the instrumentation just merge in the most perfect way. If you can track it down, the Or album is a real gem of the era.

-Claude Van Foxbat


Adam said...

I am in love with that first track!

Claude Van Foxbat said...

Love the vibe so much, wish I could find more tunes like it!