Tuesday 12 November 2013

Monsters Under The Bed

Hey, I'm the new/er guy.

My first post, and I chose some chill indie jam from Oregan based artist(s?), Gingerbread Patriots. Information varies on members, with John Brophy being the only name that appears as a listed band member.  A majority of the sounds for this tune came from an iPhone, the bass and vocals were recorded elsewhere. I have no idea how people create these kinds of lo-fi beats and make them fit into a chorus of other things, but in this case, it works. A simple tune with some great vocal work, and according to the bands Facebook page, the song is based on monsters and tinnitus.

"I used to not be able to sleep when i was a small bebeh ...cause i could hear my heartbeat in my ear on my pillow. i just found out thanks to google dot com (amazing site where you can find anything!) that it was probably pulsatile tinnitus. i used to think that the sound was tha monstahs marching through the sandy desert and beaches to get me. thankfully they musta had a long way to go cuz they never arrived to my bed/their dinner table (sic)"

- Sulphites

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