Friday 22 November 2013

Tales from my inbox: Evan Ireland

Now that my email is open and on the net, my inbox is always flooded with artists looking to get their names out. Believe it or not I listen to every single one of them, every so often I'll try and feature one.

The artist from my inbox now is a 19 year old Chicago artist named Evan Ireland. Obviously I have a soft spot in my heart for Chicago producers and this one seems promising. He just dropped an EP recently, titled Kept. The EP is very "burial-esque" with heavy atmosphere and time stretched vocals. If I have a complaint it's that it almost seems to heavy with the vocal samples, and some of the tracks really don't go anywhere. 

The title track was the highlight though. It's direct, foggy and the vocals are kept to a minimum. I had flashbacks to "Bowls" from Caribou's Sun towards the end in the best possible way. 

Check out the rest here:


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