Thursday 13 February 2014


After working a frantic 14 hour day yesterday, I got everything done and handed over. Good news is I have today off to just be really lazy so I thought I'd write up another post. Here's a semi-random selection of what I've got on currently.

Indie184 - Chill Out

Starting with early highlight and surprisingly heavy track from Portishead's still sublime debut. This a pretty solid example of their sound circa then, the way those beats meld with Beth Gibbons' moody vocals is pretty special, especially when it all comes surging together at 1:15.

Another bit from Plone's unreleased second album. If it had been released, I can guarantee this tune would have been licensed for all sorts of advertisements and whatnot like their track from the We Are Reasonable People compilation, Plaything has. Not that that's a negative, it has the same playful vibe as the rest of their output and is a joy to listen to.

The Flashbulb now, with a bit of a change up from his usual sound. Sure it starts off with an ambient edge like so many other experimental electronic folks have, but then that bassline hits and the song keeps on building and building until you hit that post-rock esque climax around 2:40 that is almost perfection. Then Benn is kind enough to give you a couple minutes of comedown time too, it's a real experience this one.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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Elsie said...

Portishead - not just her voice but I hear new elements in the production on every listen. Elsie xxx