Sunday 2 February 2014

Pre Week Chill

Back to work tomorrow after a three day weekend, early start plus a lecture. Been taking it easy like with my past few posts and today was pretty special, had two instances of shuffle just nailing it in terms of selection, here's a section from the first!

Jeremy Mann - The Last Light of San Francisco

FlyLo's free idea box he dropped on twitter has been a welcome addition to my collection, hidden amongst the usual array of FlyLo we're used to are some lovely instrumentals. Much cleaner than the noise laden Brainfeeder that introduced Los Angeles and later gave it's name to his label, this one is fast becoming a favourite.

Back with another track I picked up on my brief stint into the world of vapourwave. A catchy little loop that stuck with me for a while from Midnight Television's self-titled, the influence from Oneohtrix Point Never's Chuck Person's Eccojams Vol. 1 is pretty clear on this one.

On that note little something from semi-obscure Oneohtrix Point Never side project Dania Shapes. Here OPN really lets loose with is unique bran of melodic noise, with little glitches peeking through the lush synths every so often. I know I've said before I don't much care for noise/glitch most of the time, but this one here really does it for me, maybe 'cos I am an art person.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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RKcerman said...

That Flying Lotus track sounds more like Erik Satie - Gymnopedies influence.