Friday 28 February 2014

Desert Island: No food on the island but we still eatin'

Wow this one was really hard! If I was stranded and had only one mix-tape what would it be?

Like everyone my tastes change weekly so I had to narrow it down and be stranded on a tropical island. I think a frozen tundra deserves its own album with its own moods. I would love to fill this one up with a bunch of Disclosure and Kanye or French house records but those tracks would take up too much room. This ones filled to the brim with essential tracks so I won't talk about all of them, but I will talk about the important ones. 

Lets start it with the greatest opener of all time, Politik by Coldplay. A Rush of Blood to the Head is still one of my favorite albums of all time. It was Parachutes but with teeth and nothing showed that more than this opening track. It was hard to choose just one Coldplay song when most of their discography is rock solid along with all the B-Sides like I Ran Away and Crests of Waves. 

Next we have Parisian Goldfish by Flying Lotus. On a deserted island I will be thirsty for three things; water, beer, and Flying Lotus. Parisian Goldfish has that great tropical beat, and killer synth that I will never ever get sick of. 

I have a soft spot in my heart for post-2000 New York Punk so the Yeah Yeah Yeahs will be claiming a coveted spot on this list. Their first album Forever to Tell was absolute perfection and the track Date With the Night has has a 2:30 minute run-time.

We all know I stay noided so a Death Grips track is a must. A deserted island is probably the only place I can bump Death Grips without someone complaining about it so I intend to take full advantage of that. The opening track "You Might Think He Loves You For Your Money But I Know What He Really Loves You For It's Your Brand New Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat" Yes that name is just as bad as anything Sufjan Stevens did in Illinoise but man this track bangs so hard. 

Crystalized by The XX. Yes, I know Islands should be the obvious choice but no crystalized is the best XX track hands down. 

I'm not sure what happened to Imogen Heap. She had such a promising start and I feel like she threw it all away, but Loose Ends from the album Speak for Yourself is a surprisingly dense pop album that's short and direct. Im going for all my guilty pleasures for this mix since I have no one to answer to. 

Brooklyn Zoo from Ol' Dirty Bastard is just a fun track that I don't want to answer for along with Joey Bada$$. I know the pro era crew hasn't put out anything solid. Some people prefer west coast or dirty south styles but those people would be wrong and that's ok. 

The Dj Rashad track to represent Chicago and honestly his debut album was like nothing I've heard before. I get the same feelings hearing Double Cup as I did when I first hear Flying Lotus's Los Angeles. It's the thesis for an entire genre of music.

Now that I've defended my choices feel free to criticize. Yes I checked this mix clocks in at exactly 70 minutes so it's burnable to a standard CD-R

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