Tuesday 25 February 2014

Cutting Kids and Other Things

Hey guys, Nite here with a quick post this time. I didn't really have anything planned for this post thanks to college and mid-terms, so here's some interesting tunes I've found during the past couple of weeks.

First up, we have a previously unreleased track from Madeon named Cut the Kid.  Short, but sweet, it carries some powerful beats that you just can't help but dig. This will definitely be on your replay list for sure.

Next up is a Chemical Brothers track I discovered on a Sasha and John Digweed Mix CD. The track, named Enjoyed, is 8 minutes of Sitar-based Electronic music. It's absolutely lovely and perhaps one of my all time favorite Chemical Bros. tracks to date. I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy (heh) this gem!

Third up on the list is this wonderful remix of Maya Jane Coles Something in the Air by Bonobo. Unfortunately, it's not out as an mp3 yet, but you can still listen to this wonderful tune on Soundcloud. It's Chill as fuck.

Lastly, in regards to Sasha, here's one of my all time favorite tracks from him. No words to describe how amazing this tune is.

Be seeing you all soon with some more tunes! Till then, have a wonderful music filled afternoon!



sunny said...

re chemical brothers track, no doubt awesome track - its a version/demo? of one of their albums under "out of control" with vocals from bernard of new order

DrSanchez said...

The Chemical Brothers track is from music:response single. And you're right - it's version of Out Of Control.