Friday 15 May 2015

Be Back Soon

Out of town for the weekend again, I'm just dropping by to leave you some words and sounds to keep you company while I'm out. A bit like leaving the radio on so your dog doesn't go mental and eat the blinds.

Futura - Nuevo Negro Futura (2008)

Accompanying my PDF layout adventures today has been Modeselektor. Truth be told I'm not a massive fan of their more minimal compositions, or minimal in general for that matter. But today something about B.M.I is ticking the boxes. Might be therapeutic listening as I painstakingly alter the kerning of text.

Leading the jazzy charge in my library alongside the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack is even more Mr. Scruff. I'm actually more of a fan of the regular album version with some solid lyrical throwdowns from Roots Manuva but the 10th anniversary re-issue includes this nice instrumental of it, and I shan't turn my nose up to free extras.

More UNKLE, breaking away from the moody trip-hop vibe that I adore, we have more of a display of DJ Shadow's contributions to the debut. Part 2 of Drums Of Death is chock full of turntablism, samples and more emceeing. Part 2 is my favourite of the two, and rings in the downtempo last part of the album in in beautiful fashion.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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