Friday 8 May 2015

Fixin' Thangs

Took some time out yesterday to try and make the monthly selections part of the sidebar work again. Now Grooveshark is dead I decided to swap to YouTube of all things, while a ittle unorthodox it seems to work! try it out and shoot me a tweet or something if you find anything wrong. Also some more songs seeing me through my PDF puttin' together.

Chris Cunningham - Still from All Is Full Of Love (1999)

I give N.O.W's Mind Elevation a bit of stick in the grand scheme of things. It's not a bad album, but I dunno something about it just isn't as solid as say Smoker's Delight. Regardless of my whinging, there are some quality songs on there for sure. This one's helped me through a bunch of work, and I continue to put it on because it sounds like everything's gonna be alright.

Seeing as I used a screenie from the video I may as well put the amazing All Is Full Of Love up again. An amazing video backed up by an equal song, I've watched it a bunch of times recently as I'm making music videos for people. Naturally making full on articulated robot props is a bit beyond my scope but I can dream.

Rounding us off is a rather somber tune from UNKLE's debut. Unlike the other one's I've posted from this album, DJ Shadow's contributions to the group are less obvious, there's no scratching and no B-Movie samples to be seen. The tune is absolutely gorgeous overall though, especially those strings in the outro..

-Claude Van Foxbat

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