Sunday 10 May 2015

Seein' Doubles

Over the last week or so my mouse has picked up the annoying quirk or double clicking when I press it once. Not terribly inconvenient but still irritating. To counteract this I've been changing up everything to be doubled, from music to visuals and all sorts. Enjoy!

Chris Cunningham - Still from New York Is Killing Me (2010)

Starting off with an often overlooked instrumental from the Gorillaz's debut. It's not hard to see why, in a sea of solid tracks a tune that's entirely instrumental save for Damon popping in to say "All of which makes me anxious, at times unbearably so" would be the one to lose out. Still a nice tune, and it nicely captures the Gorillaz vibe of Phase One.

More from Pretty Lights. As I said this tune like many others feels right at home in Los Santos. I almost feel like it drags its heels a little, but just as I'm mulling over whether its overstayed it's welcome, the killer cuts on the outro sell me on it once again.

And finally more from my new favourite Swede since The Knife split. I can't get over the intro for this one, as soon as that thick bassline hits I know I'm along for the ride. Like most of Viklund's tracks it knows how to leave you wanting more, and it mostly delivers on that promise I just wish the intensity of the outro didn't end in a fade out.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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