Friday 29 May 2015

Pride (Soundcloud player broken as of 2020)

A litte late on this one, but long time pal of the blog and ex-writer Joe (Now producing under Cloudfill) got around to releasing the newest project for his label Hexmania. The concept is simple enough, the compilation is chock full of productions and each one is by a LGBTQ+ artist, and all the proceeds from sales (both digital and casette!) go to The Kaleidoscope Trust, an intentional LGBTQ+ rights orginisation.

The results speak for themselves, from the bouncy sugary sweetness of the opening track Keep Moving!!! to 8-bit bass from Cloudfill himself there's not a dud note on it. And honestly to get a little if you're into electronic music at all, you owe the LGBTQ+ community a great deal seeing as they have been integral to its history and evolution, and despite the progress made in recent times discrimination and marginilisation is still a massive issue for these folk. So give it a listen and as always, stay safe and enjoy the music!

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