Wednesday 6 May 2015

Take A Spin Again

Dropping by with another set of audio fer yer ears. Told you I'd keep it consistent! (at least for now anyway) so let's take another look into what I've been filling my airwaves with for the last 48 hours shall we?

Robert Del Naja - Heligoland 2013 (2013)

It's obvious to all y'all now that Ghost In The Shell in all its forms was a major part of my cyberpunk binge a while back. Revisiting Stand Alone Complex I rediscovered a tune that I'd long forgotten; Inner Universe is an absolutely perfect introduction for the show with its clash of technology and humanity, and it was also my introduction to Origa and her unique voice. Origa sadly passed during my re-watching of the series, but I'll always love her contributions to the series.

Time for something a little more laid back now, with a bit from classic trip hop LP Mezzanine. This one's a bit of a black sheep in Massive's discography (no pun intended), after Manfred Mann took them to court over an unauthorised sample. They've play a remixed version dubbed Black Melt at their live shows a bunch though, but I still love the hazy vibes of the album version the most, illegal sample and all.

My custom radio for GTA V has given me new-found appreciation for Flying Lotus' debut. It's a solid album all round for sure, and there's plenty of signposts that hint to the direction he'd take his sound in hindsight. One that I hadn't considered is the pronounced Eastern influence on Unexpected Delight, which pops up a few times throughout his work. It's a gorgeous piece on its own regardless, but it's interesting to reflect on for sure.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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