Tuesday 25 August 2015

Another Techy Tuesday

Upgraded my stuff again, now with a shiny new case, PSU and GPU combo I am ready to waste time at a glorious 60FPS+ so that's petty nice. And the subtle blue glow from my LEDs has me in the mood again for that special breed of sound that tickles my techy buttons. So let's see what I can serve you today.

Atelier Olschinsky - A.D. 2099 - 2311 (04)

Ghost In The Shell continues to be a mainstay, though this time not featuring Yoko Kanno. Nope, this one here comes from the soundtrack to the PS1 game that came out around the same time as the film. And while the film OST was practically all a mixture of ambient and dark ambient, the soundtrack to the PS1 game is all mid-90's techno stuff. Not all of it's a winner, but there's more than a few solid tracks in there, bob this one on next time you go piloting a walking tank.

Of course you can't have me mentioning things like that without an honourary shoutout to Aphex under one of his many aliases. The entire Analord series is a fantastic return to form which saw AFX pick up the analogue gear once again after a ten year hiatus using only digital. It's pretty much a more refined and expanded version of Classics, the compilation of his early acid stuff. Oh and of course because AFX likes to take the piss, a good number of the tracks are named after viruses and malware, have fun with that!

And recently I was made aware of a game called Grip on kickstarter, which is basically a modern reboot of the Rollcage games of way back to the point where they've even reuinted some of the Moving Shadow crew to do soundtrack duties once again. Rollcage, Ape Escape and GTA III were my intro to Drum & Bass back when, but sadly I didn't see Omni Trio on the list, which is a shame because he has always been a constant favourite of mine,especially the album Even Angels Cast Shadows. Have a taste of it here:

-Claude Van Foxbat

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