Thursday 27 August 2015

Thursday Soundtracks

Back home after my brief absence, and in a change of pace from recently I actually had some songs lined up before I posted this time so that's alright. Tracks and words as usual after the art as per u.

Robert Del Naja - Patriot (2013)

After a recent sale on steam I've since come into even more Simon Viklund. Taken from the B-Sides compilation of trailer songs and other teasers he composed, naturally most of the songs are pretty short. This isn't a problem mind, and neither is the departure from his standard electronic style for something a little more atmospheric. The slow build to eventual crescendo format here is clearly taken a few pointers from Post-Rock but honestly I would love to see Simon tackle some Trip-Hop style stuff in future if it sounds anything like this.

Shamefully, I don't actually have this in my collection. But it more than deserves to be there (I just have other stuff I'm prioritising). First caught this one in Hotline Miami when I was itching for Kavinsky's album to come out, luckily it was full of songs like this to tide me over and even now it still more than lives up to that rep.

Taking it to a darker note again, I dug out Dummy once again after coming off Massive and UNKLE. There's not much I can say about it that hasn't been said. One of the finest debuts ever, and absolutely essential Trip Hop. Not as easy an introduction to the style as Massive Attack IMO, but if you like what you hear you'll pretty much dig everything Trip Hop.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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