Wednesday 12 August 2015

Releases for Days

Remember how I just said that people I've been following recently have been destroying it with releases this year? Well, time to add another to the list heres recent but long time bud Celadon City with his latest EP.

As we've come to expect its chock full of lovely sounds to get you feelin' all fuzzy inside, the first track on this list is giving me serious Flashbulb vibes, but with less IDM going on. The smoothness of track 3, pictureperfect is also a highlight,. Celadon consistently kills it with lush sounds and this one is no different. I'm loving those arpeggios too.

If you like it be sure to pick it up on his bandcamp, and you can always find more stuff on Soundcloud, as well as keep up to speed with what he's up to on Twitter or Facebook, but until then I'll keep hanging on for more sweet tunes.
-Claude Van Foxbat

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