Sunday 30 August 2015

Keeping It Short (Links broken as of 2020)

The trend of tons of releases this year continues, with the man from my neck of the woods Abbrev. dropping a sneaky album on bandcamp. It opens with Geraldo I posted not too long ago so I feel pretty confident going in.

The trend of him being crazy good at genre flexibility continues here, and is reflected in the tags over on bandcamp. In the first 3 tracks alone we go from pusedo-Acid to pounding 4/4 techno to a chilled out IDM influenced number. That might turn some of you off, but I do enjoy hearing the approach on each, granted not everyone's a hit but there's still plenty out there for you to get stuck into.

He's got quite a few releases under his belt already so be sure to check out his bandcamp for more!

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