Wednesday 5 August 2015

Soundcloud Roundup 3(?): Origins

Hello again I am back with more soundcloud goodness, after getting off my bot and going diggin' instead of waiting for my feed to update like a blog scrub. So lets 'ave a lil look shall we?

Starting off with even more from our new Seattle buds the Jones', not too long off the heels of their last release and already we have more for our plates. Once again demoing their remarkable flexibility when it comes to production, compared the indie electronic vibes of the last release we covered, this one comes out swinging with the pounding 4/4's. Truth be told it reminds me of A:xus' Suite Disappointment, and that's perfect for me.

Simon Viklund's had plenty of his soundtrack work put here by me, but he also has a tiny soundcloud with a few tunes on it. While I do wish he'd use it more there is still quality stuff on it like this. The original The Mark could have been at home as much on the dancefloor as much as it was for heistin' to but Simon went ahead and made it even better anyway. It might not ever be finished, but it's tasty in its current state anyway.

Keeping with the Vidya theme, I've been meaning to delve into the world of Carpenter Brut thanks to the Hotline. And I've found a fresh take on the whole retrowave/synthwave/outrun or whatever they're calling it this week. It takes me back to when I first found Kavinsky a long time ago, Carpenter's breed of 80's meets Electro House combo is still exciting to me, 46 seconds in on this one never fails to get me every time.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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