Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Winter Is Coming

Sorry for the sparse posting but I'm sure you all understand after the last one why I took a little bit of a break. In more upbeat news Clark has a new LP out and it is killer. If you're new to clark start here, move on to Body Riddle and never look back, he effortlessly dances between beautiful ambient and lush sounds to what I best heard described as Melodic Grit. The guy is as serious contender for my favourite warp act of all time along with the many other classics they have on their roll.

-Claude Van Foxbat

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Yet Another Mix

Went soundcloud hopping again only to find Clark had dropped a mix on my birthday for the tenth birthday of the Little Big Agency. Like Plaid's I posted not too long back, this is a pretty eclectic selection, maybe even moreso than theirs. Regardless it's a solid mix and gives a nice insight into what makes Clark tick and feeds into his unique style of muical grit. Tracklist below as ususal!

The Field - No. No…
Jon Hopkins - Collider
Alex Smoke - Dust
Simian Ghost - Echoes of Songs (Luke Abbott Remix)
Tim Exile - 31022013
Holly Herndon - Chorus
Emika - 3 Hours
Dopplereffekt - Gene Silencing
Letherette - Restless
Hubie Davison - Mannequin Move
Dinos Chapman - Untitled #1 (Live In Moscow)
Wesley Matsell - Future Beacon
Clouds - Consciousness
Physical Therapy - Huminbeen
Jimmy Edgar - Mercurio
Planningtorock - Human Drama (Paula Temple Remix)
Akkord - Conveyor
Dadub + - Kykeon
Clark - Superscope
Stellar Om Source - Polarity
Objekt - Agnes Demise
Kommune1 - Kronos
LFO - Butterslut
Call Super - Black Octagons
Laurel Halo - Chance Of Rain
Visionist - Snakes
Truss - Redbrook
Mouse On Mars - Spezmodia
Jam City - Worst Illusion
Slava - Better
Ikonika - You Won't Find It There
ADULT - Idle (Second Thoughts)

-Claude Van Foxbat

Thursday, 14 August 2014

New FlyLo Incoming

After a few days of dropping some suitably trippy accompanying art on us though his Facebook, and revealing the impresive list of collaborators, FlyLo dropped the new teaser for his upcoming LP coming this October, charmingly titled You're Dead!.

I'm feeling this one a lot, a nice change of pace after taking a while to get into Cosmogramma and Until The Quiet Comes, it's got a real jazzy vibe running throughout that is giving me early Squarepusher vibes. A bit early to call it just from the preview, but the new direction and art collaboration look to be on the right track. we'll let you know more as it happens!

-Claude Van Foxbat

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Music For Robots (EP Review)

I've been waiting to put this one out for a long time ever since the promo video dropped, after some issues with actually getting my hands on it, here we are. Squarepusher's new project centers around a team of Japanese robots dubbed the Z-Machines: MACH, the 78 fingered, 12 picked Robot guitarist tested up to 1000 BPM, ASHURA, 22 armed drummer that reminds me a ton of Chris Cunningham's Monkey Drummer and COSMO on Keyborads.

Click for big (1000x1000)

So what exactly do you get when you hand that power over to someone like Tom Jenkinson? Some really interesting results actually, to quote the man himself:
"In this project the main question I’ve tried to answer is ‘can these robots play music that is emotionally engaging?"
And with that, the tracks. It starts particularly mild with some jazzy tinkering that wouldn't sound too out of place on Just A Souvenir or other previous 'Pusher joints. It fits the aim set out in his quote sure, but a common complaint is that there's no reason he couldn't have just done this the conventional way. Which while I can see, won't be valid for much longer.

The second track is the one used in the promo and the one I fell in love with almost instantly, like I did with Plug Me In. Honestly it sums up the entire project nicely: its music with feeling made by robots that also pushes the limits of the technology à la Aphex Twin's Drukqs. Gorgeous in parts, frantic in others, a definite highlight.

Straight after we're back into more experimental territory with another jazzy number. Again it's not particularly complex but as it goes on you can hear SP begin to push things a little more. It's great to hear the evolution in it that isn't simply shredding away at the guitar or simulating some snare rushes on the drums, but its probably not for everyone.

That soon takes a turn though, as much as I loathed the comments on the youtube promo being all "OMG DRAGONFORCE" I fully expected 'Pusher to go mental with that guitar, albeit in his own way. And I wasn't dissapointed. Dissolver reminds me a ton of tunes like The Glass Road and Rotate Electrolyte; this is Squarepusher doing what he does best. The breaks are there, and the tricks he pulls with the guitar are stunning, fast forward to 4:30 for a crash course.

I was again pleasantly surprised at the final track. After all this is ends with a fairly sedate tune that again reminds me of the awesome opener to Shobaleader One, Plug Me In. I've always said 'Pusher has a penchant for making more downtempo stuff, and this is just another string to that bow, a fine and fitting end to the EP.

Has the man achieved his mission statement? from where I'm sitting its a yes, but already I've seen the debate run rampant about whether its 'real' music or not and honestly I don't even care. Over the last 20 years Squarepusher has made downright gorgeous songs like Tommib, out of this world abrasive ones like Steinbolt, he's even made a full on Jazz record. Style is never consistent with Squarepusher, but he manages to keep the same standard of quality throughout and that is praise enough.

Get a copy of Music For Robots from:

-Claude Van Foxbat