Thursday 6 January 2011


Mixes, I love mixes. Take things that are good by themselves and make them even better. Unless, of course, you're talking about Daft Punk vs. Soulja Boy. What were you thinking?

About a week ago (probably longer), my dear friend Garrett (he was featured a few months ago) sent me a new mix he's whipped up, the last track showcasing a new track under his name, Adulture. He thought I should check it out. Well, I did, and I loved it. So now I'm spreading the word to my lovely readers. It's got a smooth feel that's calming me down as we speak (regular expressions, how do they work?) Tracklisting as follows... 1. The Persauder- Morgon Dagg 2. Hesohi - essquiggamalogical remix (jp soul & Chad Mitchell) 3. Power Productions - Let it Come 4. Trankilou - Haut-Medoc 5. Demon Ritchie - 'D like some (extended version) 6. S.A.S - Dreamin in (dub) 7. Johnny Fiasco - Nebulous 8. Adulture - Gary's theme And a note: "Gary's Theme will be released on Solid Bump's third edition of its various artists series; Pleasure & Pressure III." mix - Lonely Winter - 12 28 10 by Adulture Enjoy, Prez

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LRNT said...

Awesome mix :)

And don't make fun of mixes of souljaboy + something, hudson mohawke mixed crank dat and Clark - The Autumn Crush, and it was good :s