Monday 4 July 2011

Gaming tracks

Oh hai there.

June's been a pretty busy month for me, but now I'm back at work, so I might have more time to do posts :)

I'm not sure tho, my schedule is pretty tight between troubleshouting / changing motherboards (seriously, how do people SMASH usb ports so often, WHAT DO YOU DO WITH THEM ?) at IBM and nerd raging at aimbotters on APB...

So this post will be related to the geekiest side of my days.

The key to feel freakin godlike on any game is obviously having electro (or metal, I used to listen to that before too, nothing beats a good old Slipknot or Disturbed... oh memories...).

What do I recommend ?

If you enjoy trance, well, trance ! Aly & Fila, Saint Rush, Dash Berlin, that kind of stuff.

More a dubstep kind of guy ? Skream is the man, imo. Also Feed Me or oldschool Rusko (I'm talking before O.M.G.).

And if like me, you enjoy everything, here is a little selection of bangers with the progression that will make you feel better and better while the track progresses until you reach the "OMG NOONE IS AS GOOD AS ME".

The first track is gonna be a bit weird coming from me, because it's a remix of Lady Gaga. Weird, right ?

Porter Robinson achieved one more time so simply make one of the deadliest remix of the year, he's simply that good. The chopped "I'm. On. The. Edg'." just does it for me.

Next is an old Switch & Sinden remix of Santogold. Simply one of my lucky songs :p

The mendatory Noisia.

Killing synth, nervous progression, what more could you ask for ?

Animal Machine - Persona (Para One Remix)

Didn't know that one, discovered it in the Electro Beat radio of APB (which is actually really decent for a video game integrated playlist), loved it ever since.

And I'll end with two of my favorite trance tracks ever, so you're warned, if you don't like trance, you might not enjoy those two.



Claude Van Foxbat said...

you're like me, I have to custom soundtrack ANYTHING that allows it. I had 4GB of tunes lined up at last count which is almost suited for every situation :)

LRNT said...

Yeah, I think this is going to be the first of a few posts about it :p

Anonymous said...

The wait is over! Check out David Guetta’s new video Where Them Girls At

LRNT said...

Yeah... I'm not clicking that.

canvas print said...

Haha brilliant post, thanks a lot for sharing and I think he'll be lucky if anyone clicks it.