Saturday 23 July 2011

Rainy weekend tracks

Hi again.

Just a few tracks I'm enjoying in this shitty rainy weekend.

Let's start with a very pop remix by Discotech pretty simple but it's efficient.

The kind of track I'm always a bit afraid at first, but I remembered DOCTOR ROSEN ROSEN's remix of M.I.A. - Internet Connection and it was pretty badass so I decided to check this one aswell, I'm thankful I did. It's such a powerful track, the progression at the beginning, plus the vocals in the back really make the main vocal sound good.

RAC is the kind of guy that has so much stuff on his soundcloud it's hard to decide what to listen to when you discover him. Here are my two favorite remixes so far, but be sure I'll post about him a few more times, he has a lot of other good tracks.

One of the 350 thousand remixes of a Ladytron track, this time by Punks Jump Up

Two epic tracks from Robotic Pirate Monkey's new EP, yes this is dubstep, yes it samples old songs, YES I LIKE IT.

That one obviously samples The Presidents Of The USA - Peaches so if you have a "damn I know that guitar" feeling, that's quite normal !

Oh and this one samples Aerosmith - Dream On Pirate Robotic Monkey really knows what to sample, damn.

I'll end this post with something... creepy ? 2 tracks from Gesaffelstein's new EP Conspiracy Pt.2

Viol is by far one of the best tune I've heard this year, mind blowing.

Thanks to Nesgui that made me discover Gesaffelstein a few months ago ;)

Enjoy !


espy said...

Holy s$%* Gesaffelstein. I think I'm going to HARD now. Can't wait to see him at Coachella 2012.

Anonymous said...

you get it done every time Here. fucking <3.

Alisa said...

These are so amazing, thanks so much for sharing.

sunset canvas said...

I think you've nailed it, some great tracks there.