Thursday 24 April 2014


I've got a fair stack of tunes hanging around that people have just given out. Seems to be a growing trend these days and its always nice to get some free tunes from your favourite artist, or stumbing across a new one you wouldn't have heard before. Here are some of my choice picks.

Vincent Mahé - The Living Room (from Neighbours), (2014)

I misplaced my original download of Stenchman's first free release and only picked it up again not too long ago. Despite being released in 2010, the dubstep on it is Stench's own unique brand rather than your typical brostep. I urge you to check him out, he's one of my favourite producers especially with his new Housey stuff under his new Philestine moniker.

Stenchman - Overtaker

Moving onto animator David Firth's musical stuff again. I've always thought he is was too nice with his releases, all 9 of his previous albums were available for free (and still are by the way), and even though he's charging for this latest one it's still only a fiver. Here's a tune from my favourite of is albums Noon to give you an idea of what he does.

He also does some other musical stuff, here's side project I'm The Manager that while not strictly electronic is still lovely. I picked the EP this is from up after he used it in a retrospective of his animations, you can grab the tunes over on the page.

And finally, ambient freebie given out by Röyksopp in the run up to Senior. I initially passed up on it because the first few entries were just instrumentals from Junior, but then I was pleasantly surprised by this track here, gives me the same warm fuzzies that Sparks does. Don't think it's available on their site anymore, so enjoy!

-Claude Van Foxbat

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