Friday 11 April 2014

Nights Off

Hello again. It's been a fair bit of time since I just put up the usual 3-4 songs I was diggin at current, so here you go again. As always tracks after the art!

Edward Hopper - Summer Evening

Starting off with Flying Lotus, I've just put all his stuff back in rotation again because every few months I will have grown tired of hearing them which is always my cue to pick up more of his stuff. Anyways, I'd forgotten how solid the Pattern + Grid World starts off, it really shows off what FlyLo does best even a good four years later.

I was kinda stuck for what to put with it because I usually pick something similar sounding. So I ended up copping out a little bit and putting in another track from Los Angeles that's pretty much in the same vein as Clay. I fall in love with the beat on this one every time it comes up.

Moving away from the electronics now as I go a bit indie again. I've mentioned animator extraordinaire David Firth's musical side projects before, but not mentioned the Grape Diggers too much. Doesn't fit the blog sure, but I've had this on repeat a whole lot recently, if you dig it you can get their albums for free here.

On that note a little something from Stenchman. Here's one he released for free a while back that always surprises me and wouldn't sound too out of place on some indie game soundtrack. It's a pretty big break away from his usual Dubstep modus operandi, but it's nice to see him branching out and doing it well.

Stenchman - Indie Pendant

-Claude Van Foxbat

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