Sunday 6 April 2014

Fwd:Re:Call To Mind

Something I've been meaning to mention on here for a while. Remember Commix's debut album I'm a big fan of? It had a remix alum put out too, the brilliantly punny Re:Call To Mind but unlike most remix albums in my colletion, not only is it surprisingly hard to get hold of, but also has a string of fairly 'eh' mixes that I wouldn't have expected given the artists on it. So instead have a rundown of my favourites courtesy of their soundcloud (in 3 minute clips)!

It opens really strong with Instra:mental giving the well titled Japanese Electronics their own spin that's a lot more laidback than the original, and in all honsty probably has a lot more going on variety wise to boot.

Next a similarly smooth reworking of Spectacle, one of the few house infused tunes from the original. The bits of the original track are a bit easier to spot on this one, which would be a let down if it weren't for that lovely & smooth jazzy piano dancing over the top of it.

It does hit some rocky patches though. If I'm 100% honest Burial is hit & miss at the best of times and this really shouldn't even be labeled a remix at all, bits of the original are there sure, but they're more like samples that an actual reworking. Still, the tune itself is pretty good; well executed and a pretty nice vibe so I suppose I can let it slide.

Same story with this one pretty much, I'm not a fan of the title either. But like the Burial mix I dig it a whole lot, minimal's not my gig for the most part but this gets it right for me, gives me a little bit of a Golden Boy & Miss Kittin vibe that I love. Definitely check out the full version.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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Nite said...

Artists like Burial and Four Tet are definitely hit and miss to many, mostly because of their uniquely minimal sounds. That being said, I love them for that very reason. Burial's new EP, however, was definitely one of those hit/miss ones for me. It felt a little off.