Sunday 27 April 2014

Up 'n Down

I'm all about atmospheres in tunes, and I was taken on a right journey by my partner in rhyme the shuffle button today, two opposing sounds put up against each other about 4 times in a row. Details after the art!

Pro176 - Astro Anatomy 01

It all kicked off with a bit from Goldie's sophomore LP Saturnz Return, heading off the second disc is Temper Temper. Almost the complete opposite of anything on Timeless, Goldie takes this opportunity to vent his grievances. It's already a bit of a shock after the relatively sedate first CD of the album, even more so when you see what came up after it.

Straight from that we're plunged into the deep house vibes of A:xus once more. Probably the best mix of the entire remix project, that lil' organ running throughout gives me major nostalgic vibes for the garage and house that I used to jam to as a little Foxbat. I really need to dig up more stuff like this for my collection, I really dig it.

Unlike Golide, this next one eases you into the abrasion. I'd long forgotten about my stash of Mondkopf (thanks to fellow writer Here) and it's a shame I did, I'm really digging his electro meets Clark style distortion thing he's got going on here.

The contrast isn't as great on this last one ether thanks to the piano outro of Mondkopf. At least, before that beat comes in it is. Another outing from Ellen Allien and Apparat's only collab that has some real gold on it. I hope they do another soon, because hearing the clash and melding of their two styles is very nice indeed though its not as pronounced on this track as much.

So there you have it, your adventure through music for the day, wish I coulda found a track with a less abrupt end to see you out but that's just how it goes. Enjoy!

-Claude Van Foxbat

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